I am a software engineer especially in mobile, web applications with almost 4 years of experience. I love programming and researching new technologies. I am seeking for a position as a software developer in the challenging environment where I can apply and enhance my knowledge as well as contribute my abilities to company success.



    • Native(iOS)  5/5
    • React Native 4/5
    •  IONIC/Cordova 4/5


    • HTML/CSS 3/5
    • Angular JS 3/5
    • React JS 4/5


    • My SQL 2/5
    • MongoDB 1/5


    • Git flow







    Vietnamese & English




    Student at Aprotrain Aptech

    Aug 2012 - Aug 2014 .

    Student at Aprotrain Aptech. This is my project when I studied at Aptech:

    1. Music sharing website (Aptech First Semester Project): PHP ,HTML,Jquery, Javascript , CSS

    2. Canteen Management System (Aptech Second Semester Project): Java

    3. Loạn 12 Sứ Quân Web Game (Project team student): Java script ,  HTML ,  CSS ,  Json, JPA 2 & Hibernate3


    At that time I graduated my course of the first rank in Higher Diploma in Software Engineering. I also got 3rd Prize Award JV Hacking Fest 2013 and Speed Prize Award In In The Final Round Of Smart TV Application Development.




    Fullstack Developer at Redimed

    Aug 2014 - March 2016.

    REDiMED Hospital, Australia.

    I worked for the IT department to build some medical related products. My job was as a full-stack developer to build management system for hospital and a mobile app for long-distance consultation between doctor and patient.
    Projects I worked on:

    1. Telehealth App (iOS objective-C ) : The app for the customer who has contact with the hospital and they can see the clinical record and they can call the doctor by the app.

    2. Redimed health work injury (iOS Swift): The app for the company there have to link with the hospital. If some of the people in the company have an accident they can open the app and call the hospital they will come.

    3. Admin Redimed site (Angular JS, NodeJS, Oracle DB, Oracle form and My Sql): The website for the admin who will manage the hospital.

    Mobile Developer at Edge-works

    March 2016 - November 2017.

    My company is an outsourcing company, I working for Edge-works as a mobile developer. My most important role at Edge-works is iOS developer. But I also work on some web project if that project needs me to help.

    The project I work on:

    * Mobile Application
    1. PandaTalk (iOS Swift): It is an app chat OTT with encrypted message end to end no one people can hack the message.

    2. MindMate (iOS Swift): The app for the old people to play some mini-game to help them exercise their mind.

    3. Bemoir (iOS Swift): It is an app like the social network that the people can upload the image to a story.

    4. NanoBook (iOS Swift): It is an app for reading book.

    * Web

    1. Velox (Angular JS): For the people who like to auctions something.

    2. Syncwerk (Angular JS, Python): The system like dropbox that the people can upload or download file.

    ​Full Stack Frontend Developer at Karros Technologies

    November 2017 - Present.

    Karros Technologies is a branch of U.S-based company Education Logistics, and we are growing. We have a passion for technology, customer commitment, and innovation. Our ideal candidates will be working with our Developers and Engineers to design, develop, test, and deliver world-class student transportation system to our customers. My position here is fullstack front developer.

    The project I work on:

    * Mobile Application
    1. Parrent Portal App (iOS Swift): It is an application can help parent tracking their children on the bus from school.

    * Web

    1. Insight (Reactjs): The purpose of the Insight web application project is to provide the platform for school administrators to view AVL transportation data, and give them the tools to search and filter the data so that they could draw their own conclusions about the data.


    3rd  Prize Award JV Hacking Fest 2013

    Speed Prize Award In The Final Round Of Samsung Smart TV Application


    First rank graduate in Higher Diploma in software Engineering Course 2012-2014

    Aptech  Face 2015